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A Letter from Oscar Plumley (Charity Manager)

Dear Supporters of The Matthew 25 Mission

I am writing to you today to keep you informed of our intentions and strategies regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects on our Mission.

Please let me firstly reassure everyone we intend to be operating all the way through this challenging time to support the most vulnerable people within our community.

We have a very dedicated team that will adapt our activities, as needed, to continue the Mission’s work. Sadly, this team’s workforce will be depleted as we have a lot of volunteers who are in the vulnerable group category and will need to self-isolate. My heart goes out to this important group of volunteers, as I fully understand it is not something they want to do but, as a mission we have to comply with.

We have put in place a number of strategies to comply with social isolating and to reduce the risk to our volunteers and guests.

It is, however, extremely important that we continue to support the most vulnerable within our community, especially at a time of most need.

Unfortunately, we have no hand sanitizer. If anyone has any, it will really aid us with our work.

We continue to be open from 8am until 3pm, but whatever happens over the next few weeks, we will find a way of feeding and supporting our community.

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