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Our Work

The Matthew 25 Mission Kitchen

Healthy eating is a high priority for The Matthew 25 Mission, not just for living but when people are well fed simple decision making becomes easier and more positive. Guests can gain experience in food preparation, hygiene, team work and communication.

Keywork Support

Our keyworkers work tirelessly with our guests to ensure they are getting the support they need, whether that be, food, clothing, housing, help with addiction or mental health, and many other things. No two days are the same for our keyworkers.


Charity Shop 

The charity shop promotes our work to people in the wider community and enables guests to become volunteers so they gain valuable experience, develop self-worth and grow in confidence. The Shop is opposite Brodie Hall.


We are most efficient in crisis situations. Due to the vulnerability of our guests we have a busy outreach project. Working in partnership with various agencies we are often used as advocates.

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