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Easter Sunday Special

We had a great start to the week on Easter Sunday, being able to give each of our visitors a great roast dinner plus a chocolate Easter egg – (kindly donated by Morrisons).

As well as those that come to Brodie Hall for breakfast and lunch, we have also been able to support some residents at the Suffolk Court Supported Living flats. It’s been great to get to know them (from a distance!) and deliver some meals to them, some of whom have been self-isolating.

Over the past month we have served over 3750 meals to those in need in our town. This past week has been calm and positive, with people respecting our social distancing measures. It’s been great to serve so many people as well as being able to provide clothes, sleeping bags and hygiene products to those that need them.

Our team are working tirelessly to support individuals with their housing and living needs, We’ve had some successes this week. Some examples are: we’ve been able to help people with PIP forms, (Personal independence Payments), a 17-year old has managed to get an extension on her tenancy after being threatened with eviction, a missing gentleman has been found, and foodbank deliveries have been set-up for one of our guests.

We’ve had some wonderful donations from individuals and also churches, companies and supermarkets this week. Thank you to All Saints Church, Church of Latter Day Saints, St Mary’s Church, Community Hub, Pomodoro Mozzarella, Morrisons, Fairshare, Sainsburys, the Co-op and daily from Marks & Spencer.


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